When We Left Earth

Today I like to share a great video serie made by Discovery about our first ‘steps in space‘. In this documentary you will see our greatest victories in space travel and our greatest failures.

It doesn’t matter how you put it, it keeps a risky business but in the end it will all be worth it in my opinion.

About the documentary

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions or NASA’s Greatest Missions: When We Left Earth in the UK is a Discovery Channel HD documentary miniseries consisting of six episodes documenting American human spaceflight, spanning from the first Mercury flights through the Gemini program to the Apollo moon landings, the Space Shuttle, and the construction of the International Space Station.

The first episode of the series documents the start of the Space Race and the flights of the Mercury Program, beginning with flight testing of the X-15 rocket plane, Alan Shepard’s flight as the first American astronaut aboard Freedom 7, and John Glenn’s historic flight Friendship 7 and the potentially fatal problem with the heat shield that occurred during the second orbit.

Neil Armstrong, Chris Kraft, Glynn Lunney, Gene Kranz, and NBC News space correspondent Jay Barbree are among those interviewed.

Ordinary Supermen – Part 1

Friends and Rivals – Part 2

Landing the Eagle – Part 3

The Explorers – Part 4

The Shuttle – Part 5

Home in Space – Part 6

Let me know what you think!

What do you think, is space travel worth the risk and money? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch by email or social media. I’m looking forward to see what you think about this subject.

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